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Welcome to the official help site for! DEFY wood and deck stain products are formulated with premium quality synthetic resins that resist mold and mildew growth, are easy to apply and are environmentally friendly. Defy stains offer protection from UV fading, wood rot, water damage, and mildew for all types of wood species. Use DEFY Wood Stains on pressure treated lumber, cedar, mahogany, redwood or any vertical or horizontal exterior wood surface.

The Defy stain help site is designed for exterior wood and deck owners looking for help with Defy Extreme Stain, Defy Stains for Hardwoods and Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain. We will offer tips and proper application instructions for Defy Stains so you may achieve professional results.

Please read our articles and ask any questions you may have as we are here to help.

Defy Extreme Wood Stain


DEFY wood and deck stains contain advanced quality synthetic resins that resist mold and mildew growth, are easy to apply and environmentally friendly. How your Defy stands up to the elements varies though. A stain's longevity is directly related to the preparation of the wood and how the stain is applied. At, we want everyone to have to best possible results when using the products we sell.

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Wet on Wet stain application consists of applying a coat of stain the applying your second coat of stain while the first coat has not dried or cured completely. This process allows the application to be evenly applied while at the same time, over application issues are minimized.

So how do you apply Defy Wood and Deck Stains "Wet on Wet"? This article will explain the simple steps taken to help you apply your Defy Stains properly.

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Prepping New Wood

Defy has stain products that are excellent for newer, more dense wood. With special penetrating properties, newer wood is shielded against water damage and graying. Defy Stains are not prone to peeling and flaking and will ensure beautiful and lasting results for your new exterior wood surfaces.

It is recommended that wood should be allowed to dry out for 3-6 months before cleaning and staining. New woods that are rich in oil such as mahogany should also dry out for 3-6 months before protecting with Defy Stain for new wood.

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Watch this video to find out why you should let your new deck weather before using any deck stain on it. Weathering allows the surface of the wood deck to break down and become more porous. It also allows moisture or chemicals from the pressure treating process time to dry out. This is important because the more porous the surface of the wood is, the better the stain will absorb into the wood, and the longer the wood stain will last.
Prepping your deck with an oxygenated bleach wood deck cleaner is crucial for getting the most out of your deck stain. It not only cleans the wood, but it opens the pores of the wood so it can absorb more stain. Watch this video to find out why DEFY Wood Cleaner will make your deck stain last longer.

Watch this video to find out whether you should use a stain stripper or wood cleaner to prepare your deck for stain. If your wood deck has a weathered solid stain, or an unweathered semi-transparent stain use a deck stain stripper to remove these products. If the semi-transparent stain is faded and graying, then an oxygenated bleach wood cleaner will work.


Wood Brightener does 3 things for your deck – it neutralizes any remaining stain stripper or wood cleaner, it restores and brightens wood to its natural, bare state, and it opens the pores of the wood. All 3 of these things are critical to getting the longest lifespan out of your deck stain and will save you time and money in the long run.


Defy Extreme vs. Defy Epoxy

Defy offers a full range of wood restoration products for all types of wood decks, fences, wood siding, roofs, and other interior and exterior wood surfaces. Deciding which Defy Stain to use does not have to be difficult. Two excellent choices are Defy Extreme and Defy Epoxy. See the difference between the two to decide which is best for your wood staining project.

Note: Defy Epoxy will be discontinued after the 2014 system. if you have used the Defy Epoxy in the past, it will be best to switch to the Defy Extreme.

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The best time to stain your deck is either the spring or the fall. If you stain your deck in the summer, make sure you do it out of the direct sunlight. Applying a deck stain in direct sun will cause the stain to dry too quickly and can result in premature stain failure. In the summer, stain your deck in the morning or evening so the deck surface isn’t too hot. Remember, the surface temperature of the deck can be much hotter than the air temperature. Also, make sure there’s no chance of rain so your hard work doesn’t get washed away. - See more at:


Why Defy Stain Penetrates Better than other water-based decking stains:

Finding a good penetrating stain is the key to a lasting finish. Penetrating stains dive into the wood to protect it from the elements as opposed to film forming stains that stay on top of the surface and are susceptible to peeling and flaking.

Defy wood stains are some of the best stains on the market because they penetrate so well. From their original synthetic blend to the newest in stain technology, Defy Extreme, these stains give the results homeowners are looking for.

Defy Exterior Wood and Decking stains do not use traditional "paint" resins like the other deck stain manufacturers. The resin they incorporate into their stains are specially formulated for deep penetration into wood. The resins themselves are a much smaller molecule size than traditional paint resins. This allows the Defy to soak deeper into the wood. The better the stain gets into the wood, the better the stain will perform when it comes to wear and tear. This gives Defy Stains the characteristics of a traditional oil-based stain but in an environmentally "green" friendly product.

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No deck stain will last forever. Eventually, all deck stains will fail. The question is how long does it take, and how easy is it to maintain when it begins to fail. Some deck stains will need to be completely stripped or sanded every other year or two. Others, simply fade away and won’t need to be stripped. DEFY Wood Stains are easy to maintain. Simply clean the surface with an application of Wood Brightener and apply a light maintenance coat of DEFY semi-transparent or clear deck stain and you’re done.

When it comes to staining decks, there are several tools available including sprayers, brushes, and rollers. Watch this video to find out the best deck stain tool that works the best, and will help you stain your deck with less time and effort.
Prep With Defy Wood Cleaner

Prep With Defy Wood Cleaner

Tips to Achieve Best Results with Defy Exterior Wood and Decking Stains

Taking on a staining project is not for everybody, but with a little ambition and education, most homeowners can have successful results. Defy makes an excellent product for both interior and exterior wood surfaces. Its “easy to use” formula gives homeowners a chance to achieve professional-like results at a fraction of the cost. There is however, a few tips to follow that will increase the rate of success when taking on your own wood-finishing project.

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