Cleaning Your Wood Deck with Defy

by Defy Help

Cleaning Your Wood Deck with Defy Video 2020

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Prepping your deck with an oxygenated bleach wood deck cleaner is crucial for getting the most out of your deck stain. It not only cleans the wood, but it opens the pores of the wood so it can absorb more stain. Watch this video to find out why DEFY Wood Cleaner will make your deck stain last longer.


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Corey Miller
Corey Miller

I have a cabin coated in Sun Valley Pine Defy wood stain. Is that color still available? If not, what color should I use?

Julie Crispigna
Julie Crispigna

Can I use defy composite deck cleaner on a wood deck? I purchased and was sent the wrong item. Can I still use it?

Lisa DeVito
Lisa DeVito

I have had to use two applications of stripper and I still cannot get all of the old stain off of my deck. I’ve power sprayed and followed the directions. What am I doing wrong????