Defy Water Based Deck Stains vs Oil Based

by Defy Help

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Defy Help

2022 Defy Water Based Deck Stains vs Oil Based Video

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[youtube YE9vLHhRBOs]


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Bob Keehn
Bob Keehn
1 year ago

I’m having a 12×12 cedar pergola installed. I want the color to be a solid or semi-solid taupe. Can I have it stained immediately. What are my best stain choices to avoid the peeling problems I’ve read about.

alicia foster
alicia foster
2 years ago

i am staining a new, but ready to stain dog ear fence. how many coats do i have to use. if i spray it once and back brush or backroll it is that good enough ?

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