How to Apply Defy Epoxy

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Defy Epoxy Wood Stain

Defy Epoxy Wood Stain

Defy Epoxy Wood Stain is a specially formulated semi-transparent exterior wood stain that helps resist water damage, UV fading, and fungi. Its VOC compliant epoxy resin penetrates wood pores to lock out moisture and provide excellent protection from the elements.

Defy Epoxy Uses

Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain is best used for decks, fences, wood siding, log homes, wood shake roofs, and outdoor furniture. Use on older or more porous wood surfaces such as pressure treated pine. For new or denser woods, use Defy Hardwoods Stain.
Surface Preparation

Prior to applying Defy Epoxy Wood Stain the wood surface must be cleaned. Do not apply Defy Wood Stain over previously stained or painted surfaces. To remove old stains use Defy Wood Stain Stripper followed by Defy Wood Brightener. If no old stain is present use Defy Wood Cleaner to remove other contaminants such as mill glaze, dirt, mildew, and graying.

Apply the Defy wood cleaner or wood stripper, in the same manner using a pump up sprayer. Wash the wood with a stiff brush or pressure washer and rinse thoroughly. Follow this step with an application of Defy wood brightener also using a pump up sprayer and rinse well.

Allow the wood surface to dry for 48 hours and be sure no rainfall is expected within 12 hours of staining. Avoid stain application in direct sunlight and apply only when temperatures are between 45-95 degrees.

Test the wood by sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface. It should soak in almost immediately. If it does not absorb quickly do not apply the stain. The wood may not be dry enough or porous enough to accept the stain.

Defy Epoxy Application

Shake or mix the stain well before and during staining. Do not thin the Defy product. Protect surfaces you do not want any stain on such as windows, landscape, siding, etc. Use high-quality nylon or polyester brushes, pad applicator, pump sprayer, or airless type sprayer to apply. When using a sprayer, back brush to guarantee a more even appearance and better penetration.

Start on deck railings first to prevent buildup on the horizontal surfaces. Do not over apply. Work out any drips, runs, or puddles before the stain begins to dry. On vertical surfaces, start at the bottom and work up. Stain an entire area, board, or to a natural break before stopping. Stopping in the middle of a board can cause lap marks and color variations.

For pressure treated lumber or porous woods apply two coats waiting 20 minutes between each coat. Do not let the first coat dry before applying a second. Avoid peeling by only applying as much Defy Wood Stain as the wood can absorb. A shiny finish is an indication of over application.

Coverage: Applying two coats, Defy Epoxy Stain will cover approximately 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon.

Clean-Up: Tools and equipment can be cleaned with soap and water.

Dry Time: Allow 24 hours of dry time before using the surface.

Note: Defy Fortified Wood Stain appears cloudy when wet but will dry to an attractive semi-transparent finish.

Maintenance: For wood maintenance occasionally wash the surface with a mild detergent and water. A light maintenance coat of Defy Epoxy Wood Stain is recommended for maximum protection when wood begins to fade.


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