Tips Staining With Defy Hardwood Exotic Wood Stain

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Defy Hardwood Stain

Defy Hardwood Stain

2021 Update on Staining With Defy Hardwood Stain

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How To Staining Tips With Defy Hardwood Stain

Hardwood surfaces such as Ipe, Mahogany, or Tigerwood are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners for exterior uses. Decks, fences, and other exterior surfaces made of these types of woods are extremely beautiful and provide durability. Like other woods though, they need to be treated with an exterior wood stain to protect them from the harsh elements and weather damage such as rot and decay.

Note: Defy Hardwood Stain also works best for “oil-rich” wood such as Cedar and Redwood.

Finding a good exterior stain to penetrate such a dense wood can be a bit tricky. Generally speaking, most exterior wood stains will not penetrate the dense nature of a hardwood well enough to provide adequate protection. The longevity and performance of the stain can be jeopardized when it is not made for such hardwoods.

Defy Hardwood Stain is a synthetic blend specifically formulated for use on smooth hardwoods. Its unique blend dives deep into the wood pores to block out water and UV rays. It is designed to provide long-lasting protection against weather damage. Defy Hardwood’s excellent penetration rating helps resist surface buildup, peeling, and flaking.

Defy for Hardwoods works so great at penetrating smooth dense surfaces that it is also sufficient to protect composite decking. Defy Hardwood Stain provides a long-lasting easy to maintain the finish. Occasional cleaning with a mild solution of soap and water will normally be enough to restore treated surfaces to their original look. For optimal weather protection, a light maintenance coat of Defy Hardwoods is suggested when the wood begins to fade.

Cleanup with Defy for Hardwoods is made easy due to its water-based nature. A simple mix of warm soapy water will clean up any tools such as brushes, trays, rollers, sprayers, and so on. Defy for Hardwoods is the perfect exterior wood finish for dense hard to penetrate woods. Try it on your next hardwood exterior staining project and see the difference.

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