When To Use Defy Wood Stain Stripper

by Defy Help

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Defy Help

When To Use Defy Wood Stain Stripper Video 2022

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Watch this video to find out whether you should use a stain stripper or wood cleaner to prepare your deck for stain. If your wood deck has a weathered solid stain, or an unweathered semi-transparent stain use a deck stain stripper to remove these products. If the semi-transparent stain is faded and graying, then an oxygenated bleach wood cleaner will work.

[youtube r39Ajz2J4zM]


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Mike Trulson
Mike Trulson
7 months ago

After using the stripper there is some stain still remaining on the rough-sawn wood siding. I am planning on applying a second coat of stripper. Is okay for wood to dry before applying second coat of stripper (large project) and then apply brighter after last coat of stripper?

Beth Britton
Beth Britton
1 year ago

We are using the stripper to try to get off Cabot semi-transparent stain. We did one coat and it’s stubborn in many spots. I’m going to do a second coat. If they’re is stain left after this, do we sand it now or do the Brightener then sand?

Beth Britton
Beth Britton
1 year ago
Reply to  Defy Help

Do we sand before applying Brightener or after?

2 years ago

How is it around cats and dogs , the stripper

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