Why Use Defy Wood Brightener

by Defy Help

Why Use Defy Wood Brightener Video 2020

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Wood Brightener does 3 things for your deck – it neutralizes any remaining stain stripper or wood cleaner, it restores and brightens wood to its natural, bare state, and it opens the pores of the wood. All 3 of these things are critical to getting the longest lifespan out of your deck stain and will save you time and money in the long run.


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I finished striping too late and had to use brightener next morning. Is it okay? Or I need to redo striping and brightener again? Thanks

Claudia Kay
Claudia Kay

Hello, We used power and hand sanders to remove the old stain from our very old deck. Is it really necessary to use brightener? Are the pores already open from the sanding?

If you recommend that we still use brightener, our deck is already dried out so do we hose it down with water first and then use the brightener? Thank you.

Michael Keith Kelly
Michael Keith Kelly

How long do I have to wait after using the deck stripper to apply the deck brightener?